November 16, 2019



Cashew is a major product for many significantly little scale agriculturists. Worldwide the yearly creation is around 2.1 million tons of crude nuts (RCN) with an expected estimation of US$ 1.5 - 2 billion. The principle cashew creation locales are Africa, India, Vietnam and Brazil. Cashew nuts comprise of 35-45% seeds and around 55-65% of shells. The shells contain 15-30% oil. A huge amount of nuts contains around 200 kg seeds and 180 kg oil (cashew nut oil or cashew nutshell fluid "CNSL").CNSL is utilized as oil in industry. CASHEW NUT EXPORT

Cashew nuts are the kidney-formed seeds that stick to the base of the cashew apple, the product of the cashew tree (Anacardium occidentale). The nut itself is ensured by an extremely solid shell that should be simmered/steamed before it very well may be shelled. The eatable part is the cashew nut piece which is acquired in the wake of shelling. The piece speaks to just around 20% of the entire cashew nut in weight.

Cashew parts are positioned as either the second or third most costly nut exchanged the United States. Macadamia nuts are evaluated higher and pecan nuts can be, if the collect is poor. Cashew nuts have a settled market in the United States with an awesome assortment of employments. Retail costs run from about US$4-11 for each pound (US$9-23 for every kg) contingent upon the extent of nut and the bundling.

Three principle cashew items are exchanged on the worldwide market - crude nuts, cashew portions and cashew nutshell fluid (CNSL). A fourth item - the cashew apple is for the most part prepared and expended locally.

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Cashews are high in monounsaturated fats—like olive oil—which is awesome for heart wellbeing. Cashews are additionally ground-breaking cell reinforcements which is incredible for bones, veins, and connective tissue. (DIY Natural prescribes and uses this hotspot for natural cashews.)

The cashew is really a seed that drapes uncovered from the tree, just underneath a yellow organic product that is high in Vitamin C called a cashew apple. The cashew apple isn't just palatable, however it sees a considerable amount of utilization in business in the nations where the cashew tree develops effortlessly. The tree is local to South and Central America and also the Caribbean islands. It has been acquainted with India and Africa too. Here in its local and presented lands, the cashew apple is found at road markets. It is sweet and marginally astringent and is reminiscent of its cousin the mango. Since the natural product isn't extremely retire stable we simply don't see it in the market here in the United States, however where it develops you will see it dried, made into juice, utilized as a famous enhancing, and matured into liquor.


Countries demanding cashew nuts from Nigeria include United States of America (USA), Indian, China, Vietnam, Brazil and several European countries.


The interest for cashew nuts is gigantic in these nations on account of its few employments. They utilize cashew nuts for glue, margarine, drain, plate of mixed greens, curry, treats, chicken, burfi and powder. The fundamental cashew items are crude nuts, cashew bits, cashew apple and cashew nutshell fluid, which are altogether exchanged the global market.