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Dried pepper which is otherwise called Chili Pepper or the Africa scorching pepper is an exceptionally hot flavor. Most customary African nourishments are cooked with this pepper; truth be told, I don't have a clue about ANY African soup cooked in western Nigeria for instance without including the intensely hot pepper. Red Pepper is an individual from the sort capsicum, come in all shapes, sizes, hues—and fieriness. This Pepper is accepted to be one of the main plants to have been trained, and bean stew pepper seeds from more than 6000 years prior have been found in Peru, Nigeria and Mexico. Buildup of the peppers has likewise been found on different antiquated cooking instruments. Bean stew peppers, in spite of their searing hotness, are one of the extremely well known flavors known for their restorative and wellbeing profiting properties.  DRIED PEPPER EXPORT

In the event that you've at any point eaten a bean stew pepper, you may have seen that the second nibble is more sweltering than the first. A few people trust this is on the grounds that the seeds are the spiciest part, yet it's really the substance close them that sets your tongue ablaze. The piece of the pepper nearest to the stem is typically the more sizzling part since it has the most noteworthy centralization of capsaicin. These parts of the pepper aggravate the skin and cause your mouth to feel that particular consuming torment.

On account of the consuming sensation, a few people like to wear thin elastic gloves when working with stew peppers. On the off chance that you pick not to do this, make a point to altogether wash your hands in the wake of taking care of them. Also, you should wash your blade and cutting board in the wake of cutting these peppers.

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Bean stew peppers contain the substance compound, capsaicin. CapChili peppers are principally utilized as flavors, or minor fixings in different dishes, zest mixes and sauces. Saicin and its co-mixes being utilized in the arrangement of treatments, rubs, and tinctures for their astringent, counter-aggravation and pain relieving properties.

These plans have been being used in the treatment of ligament torment, post-herpetic neuropathic agony, and sore muscles.

Logical examinations on trial warm blooded creatures recommend that capsaicin has against bacterial, hostile to cancer-causing, pain relieving and against diabetic properties. It likewise found to diminish LDL-cholesterol levels in large people.

The developing fame of hot sustenance has brought about an expanding interest for dried chillies in Europe. Spain is the most imperative dealer and processor of dried chillies in Europe. The nation for the most part imports entire chillies and supplies prepared bean stew items to other European markets. Other fascinating markets are Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.


Vitamin C: Chili peppers are high in vitamin C. Vitamin C is a great cancer prevention agent, critical for wound recuperating and safe capacity.

Vitamin B6: A group of B-vitamins, some of which have vital capacities in vitality digestion.

Vitamin K1: Also known as phylloquinone, vitamin K1 is basic for blood coagulating and sound bones and kidneys.

Potassium: A fundamental dietary mineral that serves an assortment of capacities in the body. Sufficient admission of potassium may lessen the danger of coronary illness (2).

Copper: Often ailing in the Western eating routine, copper is a fundamental cell reinforcement follow component, imperative for solid bones and sound neurons.

Vitamin A: Red stew peppers are high in beta-carotene, which is changed over into vitamin An in the body.

Help with discomfort: It ties with torment receptors, which are nerve endings that sense torment. This actuates a consuming sensation, however does not really bring about any genuine consuming wounds.

All things considered, high utilization of bean stew peppers (or capsaicin) may harm the agony receptors after some time, making desensitization the consuming kind of stew.

It likewise makes these agony receptors harsh to different types of torment, for example, indigestion caused by heartburn.

Weight reduction: Obesity is a genuine wellbeing condition that builds the danger of numerous endless maladies, for example, coronary illness and diabetes.

There is some proof that capsaicin, a plant compound in bean stew peppers, can advance weight reduction by decreasing hunger and expanding fat consuming. It moreover:

# Fight Inflammation

# Natural Pain Relief

# Clear Congestion

# Boost Immunity

# Help Stop the Spread of Prostate Cancer

# Prevent Stomach Ulcers


European imports of dried chillies expanded in the last years.The principle merchants of dried chillies are Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Germany, France, Poland, United Kingdom and other European nations around the globe.