Nacuneo Concepts Services(ncs) is an IT and Agro-Allied Products service provider. A registered and a brand name in the Agro business in Nigeria. Our business entails: Sourcing, Buying and Selling of Agro products to both Local and international buyers. We export all kinds of Agricultural products both raw and processed as requested by clients and as long it's exportable to your country of destination.
To get the product (s) delivered to your country of destination it takes 1-10 days using air freight.
No, our proposal document we shall send to you covers the total package.
NCS shall be responsible for the Shipping Fee if you’re paying directly to the Company Account. This also means that you’re not paying any additional fee. Though, you have the option to choose your prefer courier service for your product delivery.
No, you get to receive the exact product you've made requests for.
Yes, we do not discriminate in product quantity.
We exports in Kilograms(Kg) and in Metric Tons(MT)
Yes, we supply both raw and processed agro allied products. You tell us what you want and we'll source and export it to you.
We’re flexible when it comes to Courier Services. We use highly reputable Companies that operates in the international standard like DHL, Fedex, EMS. The Courier Services we use most times depends on customers’ country of destination, and in some cases it also as to do with customers’ preference. However, we give top most propriety to your country of destination before shipment is processed. In all, NCS satisfaction is that your products are duly received within the shortest time frame.
Yes, after price negotiation has been settled between NCS and your company (you), we shall send you a contract form for any future (legal) references.
Yes, after payment and shipping processed of the product, the courier tracking code will be sent to you.
You will be duly notified by us the exact Courier Company shipping your product which you can always be tracking at any time. We uses any of the Courier Companies as mentioned above which has official office location to your state/country, and you can easily pickup your product from their office location.
Yes, but in this case you have to notify us first if it will be considered by us. However, for speedy delivery we prefer Direct Payment
At the moment we do not accept PayPal because of the restriction placed on Nigeria.
We respond to all Seller/Buyer form within 24/48hours
No, we do not supply contraband items. We only export products that are exportable to your country of destination.
Yes, we can source and supply any product as long it's exportable to your country of destination.
Yes, since they shall act as a third party for the business transaction.
Yes we, in this case, please visit NCS