June 10, 2021

How To Start Agro Exportation Business From Home


I’m Cyril Eze, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and Business Management. A Social Media Consultant, Information Marketer,Web Designer and Agro Allied Exporter. A Web entrepreneur specializing in Internet Marketing and helping entrepreneurs establish their business presence online.



AGRO EXPORTATION BUSINESS: Discover The Secrets How To Start Exporting Bitter Kola, Cashew Nuts, Ginger, Dried Fish, Pepper, And Other Agro Allied Products To USA, UK, Europe, UAE, Canada, Etc From The Comfort Of Your Home.

The goal here is to expose you on how you can own a sustainable business (Platform) that's internationally oriented, thereby meeting demands for food products (Agro Allied Products)  from Nigerians, Africans and foreigners abroad. A business you can also be operating from the comfort of your home! At the end of reading this article, you should be able to know how To Start Agro Exportation Business From Home. 

Right here I’ll be exposing to you the practical ways how I’m making money from Agro exportation business and how you can tap from this business.  Please note I’m not selling E-BOOK here and however, you may choose to patronize my Services and also you may choose not to. The main goal here is to expose and open your eyes in the opportunities that lies in this Agro Exportation Business. This is an information many would want to sell to you but here you’re getting it absolutely FREE. So therefore, spare your little time and follow me….


Once you've watched that, now lets continue........ 

You Don’t Need Export Promotion Council

Do you know that you can become an exporter of Agro Allied Products to other countries without you registering with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC)? Oh Yes you get hear me right! As a starter you don’t necessary need it! I do my exportation business without NEPC and I am much okay at the moment. By the time I start exporting in large tons that’s only when I will start looking at having that certificate. You only need to register with NEPC especially if you’re exporting in large quantity of tons to big firms in abroad. However, this information is for those who want to start from small scale to large scale like me. If you’re in this category then good to have you here.

I’m Not Selling Any E-Book Here

I know you must have read so many articles on exportation business and funny enough at the end of the day you’ll be asked to make payment for an E-book or Contacts Lists of Buyers of Agro Products.  Like I earlier said, am not selling ANY E-book here, but just want to open your eyes to opportunities that lies in this business. I will be exposing to you practical ways on how I make my money from this business and also how you can tap and start making fortune doing this business. Here, you can choose to follow my marketing strategies and also you can choose not to. However, from my analysis on this business, I have come to discover that this exportation business is not a one man business; this is because NO ONE can meet the demand of these products abroad, so therefore its takes me nothing to expose to ANYONE how I make my money doing this business.

You Don’t Need Any Qualification To Do This Business

This is great business for students, civil servants, employers, unemployed, housewives etc. You don’t need any special qualification or experienced to become part of this Agro exportation Business and this is the basic truth many people will not like to disclose to you. All you need is the required information and that information is what I will be giving you here FREE. After today I doubt if you’ll still need to attend any Seminar again. In the past I’ve attended numerous seminars, bought lots of materials, but none worked for me until I got the rightful information through someone who is truly into the business big time. Let me shock you, do you know that most people organizing these seminars for Exportation Business are not fully into it? Yes, that’s true!



I called it "Five Golden Requirements Or Skill" because these are the major things you need to succeed in this agro exportation business. Let me take each one after the other:

▶️  i. Entrepreneurship Skill of Buying and Selling:

If you’re good in buying and selling of goods and services, then you’re good to go for this Agro Exportation Business. Believe me there’s no big deal in exportation business. It’s a business I am into and that’s why am telling you this. You don’t need a professional to tutor you as you might be thinking. It’s very simple! With an Exportation Website a client contacts you for a product and all you have to do is to source for the very products and get it delivered to him/her in respective of the country of destination. You don’t need to be a farmer, expert in the agricultural field before you can start Agro Exportation Business. Now, this is what I do; I have an Exportation Website and when I get an Order to export a particular product, I simply source/buy these products from local within and get it delivered to the buyer with the use of either NIPOST, EMS or DHL as the case may be. In other words, I buy from the local and sell to international clients.

▶️  ii. How To Source For These Products Once a Request Is Made:

Sourcing or buying these agricultural products is not DIFFICULT as you might be thinking. In fact it’s the simplest stage of exportation. I ask you this simple question: Bitter Kola, Dried Fish, Egusi, Crayfish, Yam flour, Ogbono etc in your local markets around you? Of ourse yes! The secret is that you can easily buy these products from local market around you at a VERY price and resell them in dollars in the international marketing. Each time I get any order from my Exportation Website, I already have standby local sellers within Nigeria to supply me that exact product(s). And peradventure I couldn’t get such products(s) from any of my existing suppliers I have other sources I get these products from like: Facebook Groups, Nairaland, WhatsApp Groups to look for sellers. It’s not possible you need any agricultural products and you wouldn’t get it either of these platforms mentioned above. So don’t even start thinking how you will source for the product once you receive an Order from international clients.

▶️ iii. Packaging and Shipping:

As a beginner in the Agro exportation business you might be thinking these two processes  are  difficult but there’re not. I’ll briefly explain each.

Packaging: Simply put it’s the process of re-branding your products either to meet international standard or customer need. The question is how do you package/seal your product(s)? There’re three ways you can go about this (1) You can decide to buy one of these little machines used for sealing products. You can get this in the market. (2) You can get a customize nylon bag for your product packaging. You can also contact one of these printing press for enquries and (3) Should in case you could not get any of these listed above, don’t forget that NIPOST, EMS, DHL FEDEX etc has their own customized nylon you can easily buy from their hand in the process of sending your package to a destination. Personally, I uses any of these depending on the Buyer’s request.Check the images below to see how you can easily package your product(s) for exportation.

Shipping: Delivery these products to clients irrespective of country of destination is simple as ABC. Once you receive an Order lets say UK, all you have to do is after packaging, just walk down to any of your prefer Courier Company either NIPOST, EMS, DHL FEDEX etc and pay the required fees and your package will be deliver to the Buyer’s country within 1-7 days. Please note that the fee depends on (1) The Kilograms of the product and (2) Destination of the country. However, you can get to see these fees of their respective websites.

▶️ iv. You Need An Agro Exportation Website Like: www.agricexport.com

 First, I will advise you take your time to navigates all the pages of my above Exportation Website and see what it generally entails. This is the Exportation Website I uses to make my money in the agro exportation business. Thus, you may already have a business website for agro products, but the truth is that it will be quite different from the above. If you’re into agro exportation business then let people know you for that. One of the major reasons why international clients contacts me to supply them products is because mere visiting my exportation website tells a lot that this is what I do. Let no one deceive that you can usually gain trust from international clients without having Exportation Website, this is the basic truth you need to know. I’m not missing words here; it’s not possible I don’t receive at least two (2) Orders every single month on my Exportation Website. You wouldn’t believe most of these NIPOST/EMS staff knows me because am a regular face in their offices. So, you need an Exportation Website for your business!

▶️ v. How To Get International Buyers:

 This is one of the critical areas of this business and this is the reason most people find exportation business very difficult simply because they don’t have Buyers’ Lists for their products. I’ll be very honest with you here and also share information on how I go about mine. Like I said earlier exportation business is NOT difficult as you think if only you understand some of the best marketing strategies that work great. However, so many people believe that until they have Buyers’ Lists they cannot do or excel in the business. But that’s not true!  I can recall when I started this exportation business; all I could do is sending emails on daily basis from my Buyer Lists. But do you know what? It doesn’t work great. This is a business I’m into, so let no one start telling you that with just Buyer List you can go far or gain trust from international clients in the business. My success today in the agro business is as a result of the Exportation Website I discovered and own. Having an Exportation Website gives you a better edge to win a client confidence than you would ever think.


First you need Exportation Website and also there are many methods you can promote your Agro Exportation Website to the global communities. We’re now in a digital era where you easily sit at the comfort of your room and be reaching out to thousands of customers in UK,USA, UAE, China and other European countries with little or no stress.  You might want to ask how do I get international customers for my Agro Products. It’s very simple! I wouldn’t be hiding anything from you. Let me share few of my Marketing strategies with you:

i) My Agro Exportation Website agricexport.com pages are integrated with SEO, Google Keyword Research thereby targeting foreign countries for ranking. With these alone without me promoting, I get organic traffic from international clients looking for my Agric products for exportation.

ii) I advertise my Agro exportation website with paid Facebook, Twitter and Histagram, thereby targeting foreign audiences and NOT Nigerians.

iii) I have lists of international forums just like Nairaland where I promote my exportation website.

iv) I have "Email lists" of international buyers and I do send hundreds of emails to them, thereby redirecting them to my Exportation Website. Thus, am currently working on a soft where one can be sending thousands of emails at a go and once that’s ready I will update you here.

There’re other marketing strategies I uses but let me stop here! Now, imagine you have Exportation Website and you embark only on Facebook paid advert targeting foreign countries, don’t you think you will be making great sales? Outside paid advert, you can decide to join facebook pages/groups, Instagram, Linkdin that have thousands of membership that are mainly international audience. Imagine you’re promoting your Exportation Website in these Pages/Groups, it’s NOT possible you wouldn’t record sales. Just give a thought over it!


✔ With Exportation Website, you might not necessarily need a physical office location i.e you can operate from Home. This because your website automatically becomes your global office.

With your Exportation Website you no longer need ANY professional/Seminar to guide you on Agro Exportation Business as you usually see around.

✔  With Exportation Website you can easily reach-out to the global community and transact business even at the comfort of your home.

✔  With Exportation Website you automatically become an exporter of Agro Allied Products and also a Boss of your own.

✔  With Exportation Website, you’re guaranteed of great sales and good profits. Imagine a restaurant in U.k contact you to supply 20Kg of Garlic or any other product to them. Think about how much profits you will make from that single deal.

✔  By visiting your Exportation Website, international clients will automatically believe you’re expert in the exportation business and will want to do business with you.


I run my administrative and ICT services from the office and while I carry out my Agro Processing packaging from Home. If I don’t tell you that I’m into Agro Exportation business you wouldn’t know because I deal with foreign clients rather than Nigerians. The beauty of this business is that you can be done ANYWHERE and by ANYONE as long as you have an exportation website.


✔ I will help you develop an Exportation Website of this nature www.agricexport.com @ affordable price.

✔ I’ll integrate Paystack (Payment Gateway). With this ANY international client can easily pay into your local account with their Credit Card.

✔ I’ll integrate and optimize SEO and Google Keyword Research on your Exportation Website Pages for Google Ranking in order for potential foreigners to come across your services.


Price: ₦50,000: This amount includes the purchasing of your Domain name i.e www.NAME.com, Hosting, Security and Development fee.


So far I have developed this exact Exportation Website for some persons and believe me today they’re doing fine in their Exportation businesses. I could remember a lady I did this kind of Exportation Website for; just within 2weeks she got an Order from Germany to supply 10Kg of Bitter Kola. 


Exportation Website is a MUST have for every intending or existing exporter of Agro Allied Products  

Requirements For The Exportation Website

▶️ Tell me your prefer Domain Name i.e www.NAME.com

▶️ Provide your Bank Account Details which clients can use to make payments to you. Also, we'll use it to integrate Paystack on your website.

▶️ Your prefer Office Address ( It can be your Home Address as the case may be)

▶️ And any other additional information

These are the basic requirements for your exportation website to be delivered.

NOTE: ALL contents and images will be provided by me except you have your prefer contents/images. The entire job is opened for customization i.e I can add or remove any features you want.


Bonuses For This Agro Exportation Website

The first 10 persons that will ORDER for the AGRO EXPORTATION WEBSITE (www.agricexport.com)  in this month gets it for ₦35,500 ONLY.  This amount also includes the purchasing of your Domain name i.e www.NAME.com, Hosting, Security and Development fee. Additionally, this offer also comes along with the following FREE packages:

After your exportation website is done, I will send you the following listed items below for absolutely FREE

✔ Updated Contact List of international buyers.

✔ Lists of reputable platforms you can be sending bulk emails to buyers.

✔ Proposal Documents you will easily edit and be sending to prospective Buyers.

✔ Trusted and proven International Forums you can easily meet prospective buyers.

However,  if you're not going for the Exportation Website Development and only need the above listed items, I will sell them to you for ₦7,500.

NOTE: This Exportation Website is unique to my Agro Business and it's one of my intellectual properties. This is a special discounted offer for a limited period. Grab the opportunity before it is finally taken down soon.


PLEASE NOTE: After the first 10 persons this month, the AGRO EXPORTATION WEBSITE will revert to its original price of ₦50,000.


▶️ Installment Payments Is Allowed

▶️ If You Need This Exportation Website Do Not Hesitate To Contact Me On

▶️ WhatsApp Only: +2348137981072 and Email: info@wealthinfo.com.ng



(How To Start Agro Exportation Business From Home)