Customer satisfaction plays an important role in Nacuneo Concepts Services, hence, we do not joke with clients that buys our products. This is the major reason we do everything possible to satisfied all our existing and prospective customers by given them the best food items they requested. If your product doesn't meet our customers’ requirements and international standard, it’s unfortunate we cannot patronize you, thank you!


  • We only buy farm produce from direct local farmers and suppliers.
  • You need to send us sample and best price of your products.
  • To minimize goods perishing in our warehouse, we only make purchased once we have buyer(s) on ground.
  • You either deliver the goods to us or we come with our truck to carry them as the case maybe.
  • We buy quality and all products must be fresh and MUST meet international standard.
  • We only buy items that are exportable.
  • In some case, we shall request that your items are well packaged before purchased are made by us.
  • We buy in Small and Large quantity kilograms (KG) and in Metric Tons (MT).

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