November 16, 2019



Ogbono is naturally known as Irvingia gabonensis (Aubry-Lecomte ex O'Rorke) Baill and is exceedingly requested because of its enormous advantages. Ogbono is a specie of African trees that has a place with the sort Irvingia. The appeal for ogbono is because of its high financial, nourishing and restorative qualities. OGBONO EXPORT

African shrubbery mango seed is ordinarily known as "Ogbono" by the Igbo ethnic gathering of Nigeria a Distinctive parts of the world have diverse names for Irvingia gabonensis for instance, it is known as ugiri or ogbono by the Igbo individuals, biri, goron, goronor by Hausa individuals, ogwi by the Benin individuals, mbukpabuyo by the Ibibio and Efik individuals, oro, apon or aapon by Yoruba, bobo, manguier or sauvage by French and apioro by the Deltan individuals.

It is similarly known as dika, sweet bramble mango, odika, iba-tree, chocolatier, African mango, dika nut, duiker nut, manguier sauvage, wild mango, Irvingia and dika bread tree. nd "Apon" by Yoruba ethnic gathering of Nigeria, it is extricated from nuts. African hedge mango seed is broadly expended and very esteemed for its nutritious and restorative qualities.

It is profoundly wealthy in PROTEIN, DIETARY FIBER, MINERALS AND VITAMINS which helps in weight training. In Nigeria, the seed is utilized for cooking a well known delicacy soup known as Ogbono soup. A few people add vegetable to ogbono soup while some lean toward it plain.

Studies demonstrate that Ogbono seed helps in weight decrease since it builds the hormone that smothers hunger, it controls diabetes and brings down cholesterol level. The high dietary fiber found in the seed helps absorption, anticipate stoppage, helps detoxification pathway and enhance inside capacity.

It is vital that legitimate cooking ought to be made need. Pick what you eat shrewdly.

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Ogbono soup with hot Pounded Yam, Eba, Amala or Fufu is a flawless sustenance blend whenever and it is adored by larger part Nigerians.

The mass migration of Nigerians to Europe, America and Asia, has caused an expansion in the interest for Ogbono seed and other Nigerian nourishment stuffs on board.


Ogbono Seeds is remarkably valuable in nature. It very well may be use to arranged scrumptious feast and furthermore pharmaceutical enterprises are in set out need of this item for production.  The seed is famous for making soup in Nigeria. Ogbono soup otherwise called draw soup in view of its elusive nature enables the chunks of strong nourishment to slide down the throat to the stomach.

As per a few research and studies, the ogbono seed or pieces have been appeared to contain around 18 amino acids and that it is a decent number of supplements, vitamins and minerals, for example, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and iron.

Color Production: The organic product mash can be utilized for creating dark color for coloring fabrics. Both the roots and barks likewise contain tannin, which is appropriate for coloring.

Beauty care products Production: Pressed ogbono oil can be utilized for making makeup and cleanser. The bark can be utilized for treating scabby skin. The powdered portions can be connected on the skin as a restorative to make the skin less slick.

Domesticated animals Fodder Purposes: The foods grown from the ground can fill in as grains nourished to farmland animals, for example, goat, sheep, cow, steers and so forth.

Restorative Tablets Production: Ogbono contains sticky wax (adhesive) that is helpful for making therapeutic tablets. The wax goes about as a coupling operator amid tablets generation. Studies uncover that tablets fabricated with hedge mango have expanded weakness and decreased elasticity when contrasted with gelatin tablets


Eatable Purposes: Irvingia gabonensis organic product can be eaten as crisp natural product. The sweet mash can be squeezed or utilized for influencing smoothie, to jam, stick and wine. The seeds can be squeezed for vegetable oil or margarine. The dried ogbono seeds can be ground and utilized for getting ready ogbono soup, stew, Gabon chocolate and dika bread.

It helps in weight reduction: Ogbono soup helps in weight reduction by expanding the levels of leptin in the body, a hormone that diminishes craving and by restraining a compound called glycerol­3­phosphate dehydrogenase, which decreases the measure of glucose changed over to fat.

It decreases cholesterol levels: Due to its substance, ogbono isn't useful for weight reduction, it might likewise fill in as an awesome nourishment to help control diabetes and avoid elevated cholesterol and the improvement of atherosclerosis.

It helps In Body Building: Ogbono seed is likewise wealthy in protein which is useful for weight training. As prior specified, the seed contains vitamins and minerals which are useful for the body. It contains thiamine, riboflavin and niacin.